All our early years art activities are planned with in-depth knowledge of the EYFS and understanding of schemas to ensure that the needs of the unique children in your pre-school are met.

Mud painting, after Richard Long

Eyes Pie Art lessons last 1 hour and start with an introduction to an art concept or the work of a particular artist. For example we might have a brief, interactive, circle time discussion about how Henry Moore made his sculptures by first shaping a piece of clay with his fingers. The remainder of the hour is spent playing with similar resources. In the case of the Henry Moore example we would experiment with clay, wetting it with sponges, cutting it with clay tools, prodding, poking, pinching and squeezing it with fingers, hands and fists; all with a view to the children discovering for themselves what clay is like and what can be done with it. The focus is on exploring possibilities as the children’s interests lead them rather than working to assemble a pre-determined product.

If you would like to book a sample session for £30 please get in touch.

Following an Eyes Pie Art session you can choose to receive a follow up e-mail with any observations noted by the artist educator and some possible lines of development. These can be to provide ideas for building on the activities during the week between visits, aiding continuity. All sessions are planned in response to observations made during the previous session.

EyesPieArts can provide a variety one-off drop in art workshops in line with particular projects, themes or learning objectives; weekly or monthly sessions.

Eyes Pie Arts can also give advice to help with setting up/resourcing a pre-school art area or designated art studio in your setting to maximise the impact of your own expressive art and design provision (see the Basic Resources page for some ideas to get you started). Similarly, if you would like EyesPieArts to visit your staff meeting or staff training day please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we are more than happy to share our approach and ideas with your team.

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