Child Safety

Eyes Pie Arts take safe guarding seriously and believe that the welfare of children is the responsibility of all adults with whom they are in contact. This policy aims to ensure that the children partaking in Eyes Pie Arts lessons are safe guarded against all forms of abuse. To this effect, the following measures will be taken:

  • All representatives of Eyes Pie Arts will carry a valid DBS (previously CRB) certificate and photographic ID when present at nurseries.
  • When visiting a nursery an Eyes Pie Arts artist is not to be included in staffing ratios or left in sole charge of a group of children.
  • Eyes Pie Arts may request to read a copy of the nursery’s own safe guarding policy.
  • Eyes Pie Arts believes children should be spoken to in a polite and respectful way and valued by listening and responding appropriately; we will encourage all staff present in Eyes Pie Arts lessons to treat the children the same.
  • Any safe guarding concerns (including behaviour of nursery staff or child’s disclosure) held by Eyes Pie Arts representatives will be referred to the nursery manager at the first possible opportunity (immediately in the most serious cases, otherwise the end of or a break in the session), and backed up in writing.
  • Eyes Pie Arts reserves the right to refer serious concerns directly to Ofsted or Social Services if appropriate.
  • Eyes Pie Arts will only use photography to document lessons with the consent of participating children’s parents/legal guardians.
  • Photography will be used to document the process of making pictures and sculptures and as such will not include children’s faces unless absolutely necessary.
  • Images of children in Eyes Pie Arts lessons will only be published online (including this web-site, facebook, twitter and instagram) with the permission of the children’s parents/legal guardians and we will never publish pictures on social media in which a childs face is clearly visible.

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