Basic Resources

As well as a drying rack to provide horizontal drying space for children’s masterpieces, Eyes Pie Arts recommend that the following materials are supplied by and kept in the nursery. Whilst making it easier for us to arrive and proceed with an art session, this also ensures that you are able to revisit elements of the session yourselves, later in the week.

The essentials:

  • A3 thick white paper (sugar paper is ideal)
  • Ready mixed paint in bottles (Red, Yellow, Blue, and White at  the very least)
  • Paint brushes in a range of sizes
  • Paint pots, palettes and dishes
  • Drawing materials – including felt pens, coloured pencils and graphite pencils
  • Scissors – plain left and right handed scissors with straight blades
  • Glue – glue sticks and PVA with spreaders
  • Air hardening clay and clay tools
  • Pipe cleaners, lolly sticks, sequins and glitter
  • Masking tape
  • Wool and string

In preparation for your Eyes Pie art session, please ensure that your art resources are situated where your children will be playing to guarantee that they get the most out of the learning experience provided.

You may wish to extend this provision with the addition of:

  • Black and coloured paper in assorted sizes (A2, A3 and A4) and textures (cartridge paper, news print, sugar paper, printer paper)
  • Tracing paper, squared paper and graph paper
  • Powder paint (again in the primary colours and white at the very least)
  • Watercolour paints
  • Palette knives, spatulas and paint scrapers
  • Flat and round, soft and firm paint brushes
  • Charcoal, oil pastels and soft (chalk) pastels
  • Sticky tape – coloured packing tape, insulating tape, washi tape etc.
  • Sponges and rollers
  • Wooden clay boards (they stop sculptures sticking to shiny tables)
  • Bits and bobs: small boxes, cardboard tubes, pieces of wood, lids and pots for making assemblages.
  • Tissue paper, foil, crêpe paper, felt
  • Cotton wool

Remember, a sponge that is shaped like a monkey will only ever make pictures of monkeys, but a sponge shaped like a circle can be used to print pictures of monkeys, and the sun, and wheels, and Mummy and Daddy and anything else that is round or made up of round forms. Similarly, while it is hard to cut along a line you have drawn with zig-zag scissors, you can learn to cut a zig-zag for yourself with the same straight scissors you use to cut along lines.

Eyes Pie Arts are able to provide some equipment such as printing screens, pipettes, turn tables (for spin painting), zoetropes (for animation) which we do not expect nurseries to provide. We also maintain a stock of assorted paint brushes, paint pots, rollers, scrapers, spoons, pastels and pens to augment your own resources when necessary to make the most of a planned learning experience.

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